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What a $199 website Includes

Domain Registration for one year Included in $199 price is one year's domain name (www.yourbiz.com) registration when you supply the name of an available domain. We can research domain name availability for an additional $15.
Double Page Website (3.5 screens) You supply all text, pictures or graphics in digital format, on floppy disk or CD. The $199 price does not include scanning pictures or extensive typing.
Your Info and Email links for feedback We will include a link on your www.yourbiz.com website for people to send you emails. To have an email of yourname@yourbiz.com setup cost an additional $15. This enables visitors to contact you via yourbiz.com and receive responses from yourname@yourbiz.com and can be added at any future time.
Includes Two Month's Hosting. Thereafter $10/Mo* * $199 price includes two month's hosting, additional small site hosting is $120 for 12 months prepaid (New Clients only), larger websites start at $15/Mo when prepaid annually.
If you supply images in digital format we will resize up to 5 images as seen here (or larger) to include on the new website. Supplied images must be in digital format, scanning images is an extra charge.

Cases Priced frm $199
This page demonstrates a typical starter single page website with business information, product images, info and possible pricing. There are other possibilities with various backgrounds and color schemes.

Why start now?

Today it's important for a business to have a website and a single page website is an inexpensive way to get your presence on the internet. Because building traffic takes time, the sooner you get started the better. As traffic increases a more elaborate website can the be justified. That can include a shopping cart, order and/or contact forms, product catalogs, menus, news letters, albums, databases, unique client sign-in access, videos, sound and much more. What's important is to register a domain name and have your www.yourbiz.com starter site on the internet now. Contact us with your requirements and ideas. Then we can better estimate your costs.




This Page is a typical 1-2 page web sites, different backgrounds and color schemes are available.




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